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I’m often asked, “How can I start a car club?” I came across this article, provided by, which provides some great (need to know) information for anyone starting up their own club. Within this article they talk with a well established lowrider car club (USO C.C.) which has over 36 chapters across the U.S. USO Car Clubs Founder, Kita Lealoa, discusses some important factors to starting up a car club such as the importance of getting to know your members as well as the people who want to join up.

Lowrider goes on to ask Kita, “What is the most important advice that you can give to someone who is starting up a club?” I just think that the biggest thing is really getting to know their members. That was one of the biggest mistakes that we made. Back in the day, we would just have a guy come in for three meetings and they’re voted in. That is no longer our process, you’re going to have to hang around with us for like six months before we even consider you being a member. We have tightened up a lot of things. Also, make sure that it’s 90-percent the person, 10-percent the car. Get to know the people, they make you and represent you. We have a big strict policy about drinking alcohol and smoking during a function. They can do that on their own time. When we go to a function, we want everyone to be 100-percent. Sometime things can happen and if you’re not 100-percent to protect your family then something can go crazy.

This article also discusses the positives and negatives to forming a 501(c)(3) Corporation for your club. Read More

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